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Project Description
Image screen capture several url listed into a text file.

**Why this script ?**

As a sharepoint administrator, i needed a fast configuration script to capture client portal.

One of the requirement was to capture the full height page in one time.

This script also work with internet sites

That's why this project use iecapt.exe wich allows this functionnality. If you want more informations about iecapt, please see :

** Quick start guide... **

  1. Make sure you have powershell V2 installed into your computer
  2. Download PSURLCapture, and unzip to c:\adminscripts\codeplex for example
  3. Open startup.bat file, and configure local path (default is c:\adminscripts\codeplex\PSURLCapture)
  4. Open psurlcapture.txt and list URL you want to capture (one URL per line)
  5. Run startup.bat with Administrator rights.

You will find more examples on how to run PSURLCapture in startup.bat

Have fun !


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